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How to get out of a Reading Funk

If you’re reading this you might be in the lowest of low places right now; a reading funk. To an avid reader this is worst case scenario, bottom of the barrel, a disaster. You may have four books on your night stand right now that you’ve started but never finished. The book store still calls to you, so you buy more, but they wind up on that teetering TBR pile threatening to consume you whole. You want to read but once you start something happens, something unexplanable that causes your mind to drift and before you know it you’re slowly setting your new book down. This is a major problem.

If I just described you, know that you’re not alone. I was just there. I think I was also in a blogging funk because hello, it’s been a while! When they say life gets in the way, they aren’t kidding. I feel like I’m getting my groove back and I wanted to share a few tips for helping you get yours back as well.

Tip #1 Put Down that Phone!

This one may seem pretty obvious, but when you actually pay attention to it you’ll realize it’s a huge problem! It’s so tempting, having everything at your fingertips, all the beautiful book pictures on Instagram, the reading vlogs of people doing exactly what you SHOULD be doing, and the endless scrolling of social media acting like a black hole sucking you further in. When I started to pay attention to how often I was on my phone I was quite honestly pretty embarrassed. There were so many times I was endlessly scrolling instead of reading. I was waisting away precious minutes looking at what seemed like the same thing on repeat. I promise you, you won’t miss out on that much when you step away from the device. It will all still be there when you return.

I started leaving my phone in another room so I wouldn’t be tempted to pick it up. Seems silly when you think about it right? I’m a grown adult who takes care of three kids, pays my bills, and keeps my household running, but I had to set a limit for myself. With my phone in another room it was much easier than I thought. Out of sight, out of mind. That saying is pretty true. If I left my phone next to me it was almost as if it was calling to me with it’s little light up screen and constant notifications. So I banished it to another room and it freed up my mind to concentrate on other things.

Tip #2 Read an Old Favorite

Ahhhh the feeling of nostalgia, it’s like coming home after a long trip. It feels safe, happy and familiar. Most people think of places or people when they think of the word “nostalgia”, but us bookworms think of our favorite read. Whether it’s your favorite childhood chapter book or your top pick for last year, it’s nice to revisit an old friend. Because that’s what books are to us, friends who sat with us during moments of joy and moments of sadness. They were there for us in the middle of night, under the covers while we couldn’t sleep. They kept us entertained on long trips and on the edge of our seats in anticipation. Sometimes all you need to get out of your reading funk is to revisit an old world full of characters you already know and love. They’re always waiting, ready to take you on that epic adventure once again.

Tip #3 Be apart of the Hype

In the book world there is such thing as “hype”. It can be good or bad, but one thing is for sure people who are hyped about a book are some pretty passionate people. Those people aren’t in a reading funk, in fact they are exactly the type of people you need right now. Their excitement about a new release is contagious. They will pull you right out of the depths of despair and get you so excited you may even start sporting some new gear to match your new book obsession. Whether it’s a new release or a long anticipated sequel, find those people who are passionately waiting for it to come out. The best place for a bookworm is surrounded by other bookworms right? Those are your people.

Sometimes a reading funk can last days or weeks or even months! But don’t worry, we seem to all go through it and somehow we return to or old selves once again. Your books will always be waiting for you.