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How to Create a Cozy Book Space

As a mom of four I don’t always get time to read in a cozy book space, but I decided to make one anyways. It’s incredibly inviting and even if I can’t read as much as I want to, when I have the time I can choose to curl up here.

You don’t need to go shopping and spend a ton of money to create a space that’s all for you. I shopped my house for everything here!

1.Shop your house!

This chair was in our bedroom and honestly it became a dumping ground for laundry pretty quickly. Moving it in here served two purposes, it gave me a cozy seat next to my bookshelf and cleared up our bedroom.

2. Add some art

I’ve had this piece of book art since Christmas! It was a gift from my husband and I just didn’t know where to hang it. Luckily this shelf was in storage and I repurposed a frame I had to add it to my space. I placed a new special edition book from my favorite author next to it and a small candle. Simple yet elegant.

3. Create a TBR cart

I started something new this year, an immediate TBR cart. I still have a rather large amount of back list books on my shelves, but I decided every time I get something new it goes on this cart. That way when I need something to read I can reach here and chip away at the books I already own.

I’m using a cart from IKEA here, but I’ve seen these same designs at Michaels. You can also use a side table or just simple make a pretty stack on the floor. I love a good book stack.

4. Add plants

This one step completely changed my book space! There’s just something special about nature and adding it into your space brings it alive. I grabbed a few plants I already owned and brought them in here for some extra greenery. It makes the space feel fresh and lived in.

Making a cozy space to read doesn’t have to be anything grand. You can simple add a pile of books next to your favorite chair with a cozy blanket and read until your hearts content. Do you have a dedicated reading spot? I would love to hear about it.

Happy Reading

Xoxo Tricia