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How to Create a Cozy Book Space

As a mom of four I don’t always get time to read in a cozy book space, but I decided to make one anyways. It’s incredibly inviting and even if I can’t read as much as I want to, when I have the time I can choose to curl up here.

You don’t need to go shopping and spend a ton of money to create a space that’s all for you. I shopped my house for everything here!

1.Shop your house!

This chair was in our bedroom and honestly it became a dumping ground for laundry pretty quickly. Moving it in here served two purposes, it gave me a cozy seat next to my bookshelf and cleared up our bedroom.

2. Add some art

I’ve had this piece of book art since Christmas! It was a gift from my husband and I just didn’t know where to hang it. Luckily this shelf was in storage and I repurposed a frame I had to add it to my space. I placed a new special edition book from my favorite author next to it and a small candle. Simple yet elegant.

3. Create a TBR cart

I started something new this year, an immediate TBR cart. I still have a rather large amount of back list books on my shelves, but I decided every time I get something new it goes on this cart. That way when I need something to read I can reach here and chip away at the books I already own.

I’m using a cart from IKEA here, but I’ve seen these same designs at Michaels. You can also use a side table or just simple make a pretty stack on the floor. I love a good book stack.

4. Add plants

This one step completely changed my book space! There’s just something special about nature and adding it into your space brings it alive. I grabbed a few plants I already owned and brought them in here for some extra greenery. It makes the space feel fresh and lived in.

Making a cozy space to read doesn’t have to be anything grand. You can simple add a pile of books next to your favorite chair with a cozy blanket and read until your hearts content. Do you have a dedicated reading spot? I would love to hear about it.

Happy Reading

Xoxo Tricia

Author: lovelyreadergirl

I've always loved to read. When I was a kid we lived right next door to my local library and I went several times a week. I fell in love with the stories hidden inside the pages of the books on the shelf. It was a good time in my life. I fell head over heals in love with reading the summers we lived in that house.  Fast Forward to today and that love is still there, but it got pushed aside for many years. After I got married at 21 and we started a family at 24 I let my love for reading take a backseat. I continued to read but I didn't devour books like I use to when I was young. The Kindle took the place of physical books and board books and homeschool curriculum reigned.  I got lost in the world of planners and journals and while I still love that side of my life I craved more. I craved less buying and more living. I craved the stories of my childhood. I craved books. And so my new story begins. The story of a LovelyreaderGirl who is rediscovering her journey through book land. Come with me! Let's discover the world of books again together! 

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