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A Forgery of Roses

by Jessica S. Olsen

Myra Whitlock is an artist with the ability to alter people’s real life bodies. Her magic is highly sought after and people would kidnap or kill to get to her. After her parents disappear she is left to take care of herself and her younger sister. One night the Governor’s wife asks her to do an impossible task, bring her dead son back to life, leaving Myra no choice unless she wants her secret revealed. Once she is there it becomes clear his death was no accident. Together with the governor’s older son she tries to solve the mystery that will allow her to finish her portrait and fulfill her promise.

I’ve never read about a magic system like this one, it was very unique and as an artist myself I really enjoyed it. The detail in the drawing process was something I loved reading about. Myra as a character was a little naive. At times it bothered me but I tried to remember she was on her own trying to care for herself and her sister.

I loved her relationship with August. He was a good balance for her, they were very supportive of each other and their relationship built slowly. It was one of those shy guy gets the girl things and it was adorable.

There was good representation for people with an “invisible illness” in this story. Her younger sister has been dealing with a sickness no one quite knows how to heal. The struggles she went through felt very real and I appreciated that part of the story.

Overall I enjoyed the story quite a bit! I think I just struggled to connect with Myra by the end. The magic system was one of my favorites and I loved the creativity behind it. It’s a perfect read for fans of Jack the Ripper and anyone who loves art.

Happy reading!

Xoxo Tricia

Author: lovelyreadergirl

I've always loved to read. When I was a kid we lived right next door to my local library and I went several times a week. I fell in love with the stories hidden inside the pages of the books on the shelf. It was a good time in my life. I fell head over heals in love with reading the summers we lived in that house.  Fast Forward to today and that love is still there, but it got pushed aside for many years. After I got married at 21 and we started a family at 24 I let my love for reading take a backseat. I continued to read but I didn't devour books like I use to when I was young. The Kindle took the place of physical books and board books and homeschool curriculum reigned.  I got lost in the world of planners and journals and while I still love that side of my life I craved more. I craved less buying and more living. I craved the stories of my childhood. I craved books. And so my new story begins. The story of a LovelyreaderGirl who is rediscovering her journey through book land. Come with me! Let's discover the world of books again together! 

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